Course Tour

Par 5 – Handicap 11
Multiple choices off the tee, with a tee shot across the creek giving you a chance to reach the green in two.

Black Blue White
571 546 521

Par 4 – Handicap 17
Three bunkers around the landing area, pinch in on the aggressive play off the tee. Play for position on this shorter par 4.

Black Blue White
369 340 314

Par 4 – Handicap 5
Let it all hang out here as a drive over the ridge will catch the down slope and pick up additional length on this longest par 4.

Black Blue White
475 442 412

Par 3 – Handicap 15

Distance control is key on the shortest par 3 on the course. The shot gets increasingly difficult the farther right.

Black Blue White
143 131 106

Par 5 – Handicap 7

A shot left of the carry bunker will leave a blind second shot, while a play over the bunker can catch a down slope.

Black Blue White
572 551 529

Par 4 – Handicap 1

A long drive between the bunkers is ideal here, unless you can fly the native area on the left and stop the ball short of the far arroyo.

Black Blue White
456 418 380

Par 4 – Handicap 13

A short drivable par 4. Multiple options of play here as the fairway also wraps around behind the bunkers.

Black Blue White
340 325 293

Par 3 – Handicap 9

This hole is modeled after the famed Redan hole. Land the ball on the front and let the slope work it back to the pin.

Black Blue White
210 186 164

Par 4 – Handicap 3

Long and straight on this hole to avoid the various bunkers that challenge the tee shot.

Black Blue White
460 441 411

Par 4 – Handicap 18

Play as close to, or over the left bunker, to set up the best angle into the green.

Black Blue White
394 378 352

Par 3 – Handicap 16

A high soft shot into the prevailing wind is ideal here as the green is shallow and wide.

Black Blue White
167 150 127

Par 5 – Handicap 6

Bombs away off this tee, it’s the longest hole on the golf course. Shots skirting the bunker will pick up some additional distance.

Black Blue White
635 599 564

Par 3 – Handicap 4

Par is a good score on this long, intimidating par 3. Shots played safely to the left will not funnel onto the green.

Black Blue White
243 209 186

Par 4 – Handicap 12

A split fairway with the right-hand option requiring a longer carry, but shortening the hole by 20-30 yards.

Black Blue White
464 436 397

Par 5 – Handicap 14

This sharp dogleg can be shortened substantially with a long carry uphill over one of the further bunkers.

Black Blue White
518 479 458

Par 3 – Handicap 10

The widest part of the green lies in the area between the bunkers. Opt for the longer club and be wary of the wind.

Black Blue White
182 160 144

Par 4 – Handicap 2

A cape style hole, bite off as much of the carry as your dare. Safe shot to the right of the bunkers will leave a blind second shot.

Black Blue White
441 422 371

Par 4 – Handicap 8

Stay left of the bunker in the middle of the fairway, leading to blind approach. Or, shoot the gap between the stream and bunker for a better angle to treacherous green.

Black Blue White
371 349 330


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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I book a tee time?
Tee times can be booked 8 days in advance starting at noon. Outside of the 8 days, tee times can be made up to 14 days with a $5 per person advance booking fee.
What is the dress code for the golf course?

Highland Meadows requires proper golf attire. This includes the golf course, driving range and putting green.

  • No cutoffs or gym shorts
  • No tank tops
  • No denim
Can I bring my own golf cart?
Private golf carts may only be used if you live in the masterplan and have a membership. Carts must be approved by ownership.
Is there a driving range or practice area available?
Yes, we have a practice facility open until sunset each day except for Wednesdays.
What is the course’s policy on cancellations or rain checks?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for tee times. We offer rain checks based on the percentage of holes that where played.

Can I host corporate events or tournaments at your golf course?

Certainly! Highland Meadows is an ideal venue for corporate events and tournaments. We offer customized packages and can accommodate various group sizes. Please contact Zachary or Chad for further details and arrangements.